Styling Love Clouds
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Styling Love Clouds

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This modern design is simple and organic. Perfect imperfections make every piece unique and beautiful in its own way. Love clouds are small porcelain ring dishes created using a hand-building technique and make the perfect addition to any styling toolkit. These objects are un-glazed, and showcase the smooth texture of the finest Simple Things Ceramics White Porcelain, which help reduce the appearance of shadows and glares on photographs. Let your engagement ring or small accessories "float" in these puffy clouds and add a sweet touch to your flat lay! Handmade cloud plates are unfinished with exposed raw texture details. Small variances in size, shape and color are part of the wabi-sabi beauty of this handmade work.

Each cloud is approximately 2 Inches (Length) x 3 Inches (Width) and is sold individually.

Please note the plates are NOT FOOD SAFE.

Items may take up to 14 weeks to ship. If you would like me to make something custom or have any questions, please reach out to

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