Cosmic Dreams

Check out my Cosmic Dreams tumblers! This universe inspired pattern feels raw like a weathered sandstone, which feels and appears matte. The time devoted to hand-wedging the clays together gives it the marbled cosmic look you will love. The process of creating these beauties is really neat. I can talk about it for hours (something to consider for a future blog post :)

To sum up, it takes time and patience to carefully handcraft each piece. Marbled pieces are extra special, since additional step is taken to trim the exterior clay right before the first firing. Only then, the one-of-a-kind refined luxurious rawness of the marbled pattern is revealed. I can’t describe the satisfaction I get from trimming those layers! I love the feeling of touching this finely grained surface and always leave it unglazed to compliment a more refined glossy glaze, which coats the interior. I always find that there is something truly magical and naturally beautiful about these raw surfaces. I know you will too!

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