To glaze or not to glaze.

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To glaze or not to glaze, that is the question?

Glazing is the last phase of the process, and often times one of the most significant.  The effect that a glaze can add to a piece can range from dripping to smooth or rough textures.

Applying glaze to a piece is not necessary, but it can enhance the fired clay both on an aesthetic and functional levels. What glaze does, is it seals the piece making it stain resistant and food safe (some glazes are not food safe, but I usually stay away from those :). White and aqua glossy glazes have been my personal favorites lately. I love how shiny and smooth objects become after glaze firing. Sometimes, a unique drip pattern emerges as the glaze melts away and begins to drip in the kiln fired to over 2345F degrees, following the curves of the piece. Each one is unique with all its perfectly imperfect details.

Simple Things Ceramics is more than a simple form with color. All objects are created using sustainable and mindful  creative process focused on bringing lasting functional pieces of art to your home.








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